They are like this little rough diamonds that get a little bit more polished as the get passed from one person to another.
Each new person adds something to it and makes it a bit more special.
The lucky ones are those who come across an idea right before she is perfectly polished. — It just needs a little more dusting here and, voila! It’s there, perfect in your eyes!

There isn’t this big genius person whom conceived and perfected an idea and turned it into reality in just one mere existence.
One person is small, but together we’re infinitely huge.
As a person, the right way to go about it, is not to hold-on to your ego and try to be the best-greatest one at everything you do.
Never teaching no one about your little secrets, that in you mind, make you so special.

You gotta let go of everything.
You gotta allow this ideas to flow free from you, into the next individual, who’ll deal with them properly.
And you gotta be chill about it when someone surpasses you.
The great tale of the student who becomes the master is a constant in the universe and you be on both parts of this spectrum throughout your life so many times, it’ll actually look like a joke.


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