A man must break his back to earn his day of leisure.

That’s the reality of our lives.
If you live under a fiat-currency country, receiving minimal wage based salaries, you’re just a helpless slave.
That’s the reality of our lives.
Slavery it’s too profitable to be banished, instead it has just been slightly modified so regular jack-offs don’t notice.
The only diference between us and our seniors is that they were well aware of their place in society.
The genius feature added to modern slavery is the obligation to go to schools.
In school we are mislead to believe we are leading a life of our own, that we are free and powerful… that and have control… and so on.
But in reality we are being brainwashed with fake dreams and wishes, promoted by media role models — the enslaved lifestyle sellers.
We are coached to work and save money, buy a lot of useless stuff, worship cars and houses, consume legalized drugs, get chronically sick and finally spend all our saved money (and our family’s money) in medicine and hospitals till we die like a vegetable.