All things exist and don’t exist at the same time.
With the act of observing, the observer atribute a specific state to the object of observation.
Basic quantum physics.
But as I was watching this video where a guy talks about virtual reality, he started to exemplify with games such as GTA-V, in which we have an impression of a hole city working every time with people, cars and things happening all the time.
Only then I got the “click”.
In reality what’s really going on in the game is a presentation of action in the point I’m currently at in that specific moment in the game.
All the rest is potential of actions that only happen if I ever go to a specific location with my character.
The same principle can be applied to our everyday-real-human-life.
One can only be certain of the actuality of things that are happening around him through the singular experience of his limited human senses, which are very limited.


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