The true meaning of happiness is illusion

What so called philosophers and religious people call “true happiness” is actually awareness of illusion and it’s fake feelings and emotions.

That one saying: Ignorance is a bliss, is the resume of it all.

That one scene in The Matrix movie where the guy who knows the truth and it’s already living outside the matrix and all, prefers to betray all his comrades and forget all about reality just in exchange for the felling of tasting a beef steak, even though it’s not real and he knows it — he can’t live without it.

We all live like this and keep pretending to ourselves that the fake pleasures and sensations are actually real:

  • The tasty yet unhealthy and cancerous food;
  • The fake relief of pornography;
  • The drugs and the alcohol and their fast and passing fell-good sensation, leaving us with and ever hollower soul;
  • Movies, fiction, media, and TV, distracting us from the fast-rotten reality;
  • The cars, motorcycles, buses, trains and airplanes, which make our lives easier and faster but destroy our lungs and respiratory tracts instead, contributing to a ever growing fat, lazy and sick society.

But still, like the Matrix guy, we prefer to live in denial of the evident truth.
We prefer to pretend everything’s fine and normal and it’s all going to get better and God will help us and all.

That’s why people who live their lives like they’re “supposed to live” — as obedient and thankful slaves — are the most miserable, dull and boring ones.

All they do is hate every minute of they’re lives, walk around all stressed up, closed and sad, just hoping for that little weekend brake where they intoxicate themselves as fast as they can and pass out only to wake to the same old routine again.

Slaves to themselves.
The worst kind of slavery is self slavery.
And that’s where our society is based upon.

The only happy ones are the kids who don’t know any better and still find pleasure in frivolous illusions like videogames, social media and entertainment.

The only good things I can think of are:

  • The practice of sports, which I think was the ultimate thing the human body was designed to do, hence the immense amount of pleasure it releases.
  • The sports for the mind: Mathematics.
  • And the sports for the soul: Volunteering.

Maybe some indigenous people who still live apart from our sick society — keeping it real to their original values — are last ones experiencing true happiness.

A happiness they don’t know that exist.

But a happiness that it’s compromised.
They’re just living in paradise until out society finds them and give them the gift of destruction and corruption — The acknowledgement of happiness.


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