What is a mother?

Are we supposed to be near them?
Or keep a good distance?
What are their purpose?
What are they supposed to do?
What are we supposed to do with them?
Should we turn to them only when we’re in need of something?
Should we use them?
Should we suck the life out of them?
And what after they get all old and crancy and useless?
What should we do?
Keep taking care of them until they die or throw them from a pit like Dinosaurs told us so?
Should we use our time, presence and effort to care for them or should we pay very well trained personnel to perform this task for us while we enjoy are lives near the beach?
Or even better, should we curse them to the dark helms of public pension, transportation and healthcare? — All of this topped with neglect, alienation and isolation
And also, does or obligations extend to grandmother and grand-grandmothers?


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