Slavoj Žižek

A still very attractive lady,
late 30s,
who told me of a strange thing that happened to her.
She told me that when her last lover saw her naked before making love that he told her if you were just to lose three,
four pounds,
your body would have been perfect.

And I told her just don’t lost three or four pounds.
you know,
like if she were effectively to lose three or four pounds she wouldn’t be perfect.

She would just be plain.
The illusion of perfection is created precisely by this excess.
It’s too much, but then you imagine or without this it would have been perfect.
If you say — if you take away this excess you don’t get perfect, you know.

This is what in psychoanalytic theory we call object cause of desire.
Not object of desire,
object of desire I think in this case is a woman or a man or whatever.
But the cause of desire in the sense of what makes you fall in love is always a sign of imperfection.


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