Chris Smith e Jimmy Mackin (2015)

Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin are advanced Facebook marketers fundadores da curaytor

curaytor é uma empresa de consultoria em marketing social.

esse video do youtube tem várias dicas úteis que eu posso usar para integrar na minha metodologia (como citar videos do youtube?)

Advanced Facebook Marketing: How we get traffic, leads and sales

diversity: variety of types of posts to reach all publics
consistency: semi-interesting everyday or super-interresting every week

find content: twitternote, zite, buzzsumo, upworthy, viralnova

success is not random: you gotta have a system, block time, repeatable

scale authenticity through systems

lurcher loose.

3-3 technique: engage with 3 people publicly and make them feel special
3 private chats

there’s no such thing as facebook: there’s only people.

conversations creates conversions.
idea not a brand
start with local community

look-and-feel: professional.
engagement happens in the feed
cover pic, call-to-action button, plugins, videos,
spend a week pimping your page
best forward
widgets, tabs
canva, hey-o, shortstack to create content
only 3% of people will see it: they’re the buyers.
profile pic: like an app, sexy logo

cover: more info
insights tab (will tell you what to post): click on that – posts – sort by engagement – likes, com, shares or post clicks
the most popular – the blueprint for what you should post more
boost the most popular post
reinvest your winners

pages to watch: best insight – same tab – over 100 likes – your competitor
quality creates quantity – the opposite isn’t true
use google analytics to track website
milestones for business page
install the pages manager app
adds app
make sure to be actively engaging on the chat

adstage blog on twitter
facebook themself
get sourced from the great examples


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