7 reasons why honesty leads to beautiful women

This a summary of Johnny Berba’s video “7 Reasons Why Honesty Will Get You Laid With Beautiful Women”:

1. Being comfortable with yourself, be who you are in every single moment. If you’re nervous, be comfortable with that, be that. If confident, be comfortable, be open about it, talk about, let everyone know. Don’t try to hide. Don’t try to be someone else you’re not, because you’re going against your feelings.

2. Be honest about not being comfortable with yourself. Not being a crying baby, not being a people-pleaser. People appreciate an honest man. Is not being afraid of who you are and what you feel. You wanna be congruent. Be honest with how do you feel.

3. Having the courage to speak your mind. It’s a set of ethics, it’s a way of being. You gotta dig deep. It might be uncomfortable at the beginning, but every time you go through the uncomfortable feeling, you get the reward for being courageous.
Fear, facing fear = courage. Getting courage, getting confident, attractive. Practice, principles that can be applied in a whole universe. If someone passes in front you in the line, politely step up and say something, don’t be afraid to do something, and say it’s OK, no problem when the person address the issue to you. If you do that, you’re killing yourself and becoming a people-pleaser. You just develop a very bad internal self.

4. Calibrated honesty. Social skills. Now how to read social cues. Don’t go to girl and say “I like you, I wanna fuck you”. Be aware of people’s feelings. When you’re in an honest frequency, it allows the other person to be honest and it allows you to recognize yourself and you can read their social cues. Go out and practice talking to people. Think about how does the other person feel about the conversation.

5. Being a masculine man. Being a gentleman, be honest. Is leading. Just be man. Just do it, you feel it, you know it. Don’t ask “what should we do now?”. Be leader, make decisions.

6. Be excited about being vulnerable, be a child, be open, be yourself. Don’t be too serious. Show your emotional side, don’t try too hard to be strong all the time. If you try to be too masculine, it just looks ridiculous. It’s trying too hard. That’s insecure. Be expressive.

7. Surrendering. Letting go. You acknowledge the reality. Don’t be a prisoner of your felling. This is me in my natural form. You’re not going out to get laid, not watching video for what you think. You are trying to find self-love, through woman. You won’t find self-love by playing the role, being the trickster. Is important to know why people come to you. Self-love is in you. The woman is a metaphor.




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