Thinking is like a jail.
You’re locked in there and you can’t see or feel what’s going on around and inside you.

Thinking is evil.
What marijuana does to me is allow myself to feel again, avoid being kept in that cage, sense, see, eyes clear, see the people, listen, feel them, actually be with them, in the most profound sense of being.

Listen to my body.
Feel my body.
My heart.

Without drugs, it’s so difficult to access these state. During our everyday-life, we’re so busy doing things, thinking about things, feeling things, that we forgot what being is. That we are almost never present.

And the only fucking tiny little bits of time where I felt really present were under the influence of drugs and after some minutes of meditation every day.
That really deep, awaken, alive, present feeling, is so rare and scarce that most people would have a hard time remembering it, feeling it and trying to explain it.

It’s just like you have everything in front of you.
You have life.
You have now.
The now.
The pinnacle of your life.

And still your vision is blurred.
You live blindly.
Mist… and the head flies and the life wastes itself.

Them all of sudden, you’re are not here anymore.
You’ve lost yourself again and this moment is gone.


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