Kim Dotcom


Don’t like a suit and a tie.
Don’t wanna a work til I die.
Don’t wanna a 9 to 5.
I just want to live my life.

Don’t wanna go to war,
Know what happened before.
Don’t trust politics,
Don’t like dirty tricks.

Don’t wanna play their game,
Don’t fit inside their frame.
Don’t wanna hear their lies,
I just want to live my life.

I just wanna have fun,
On the beach, in the sun.
I just wanna feel good, all the time, like a shoot.
I wanna be a star, click on me, wherever you are.

I wanna be like the superman,
Save the world again and again.

I just wanna create,
Develop something great.
Just ’cause I’m a innovator,
You don’t have to be a hater.

I just wanna kick ass,
And leave behind the past.
Let your brain be fertilized;
I just want to live my life.

Can’t be contained
Won’t be restrained
Don’t wanna be criticised
‘Cause my life unauthorized.

Just wanna drive fast,
Leave behind the past.
I create my paradise
Where all the nonsense is on ice.


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