“I’m working on it!” said Michael as he run to towards the front door.
“What are you gonna do about it?” cried Jessica, staring at him with worried eyes.
“Nothing.” Michael replied in a cold tone as he closed the door behind him with a loud noise.
It was a hot Saturday afternoon and Jessica stayed all day at home waiting for her husband to come back. She was constantly eating in order to control her anxiety.


Meanwhile in the opposite side of the town, Michael arrived at the factory around 8:10 AM, a little late for a normal employee, but not for him, facing that he was the president of the company.

“Where is she?” cried him, after opening John’s office door.
“I don’t know.” replied John with surprise and fear, as his eyes automatically moved towards his little book shelve in the other side of the room and a little drop of sweat rolled on his forehead.

Michael noticed John’s eyes movement and directed himself towards the self. With an strong movement he thrown the shelf in the ground revealing a secret door, hidden behind it. The door didn’t open as he pulled it.

“Gimme the fucking key.” cried Michael with a killer look in his eyes, as he was almost reaching insanity. In a quick movement John pulled out a gun from behind his desk and aimed it to Michael.
“Alright! Now calm down buddy,” said John in a friendly yet mocking tone.
“How dare y… What are you gonna do? Kill me? You’re not that stupid, fuck off and gimme the fucking key” replied Michael, sure that John was too afraid to do anything.

“I guess you are not fully aware of the situation, my dear friend.” said John with a musical voice and a sadic smiley drawn to his face. “I got a loaded gun pointed at you… we are in no terms of negotiation. Now, you calm down, leave my office and pretend that nothing of this ever happened, and I will forget this situation. Keep giving me this bad attitude and things will get dark for you and your little friend.”
After saying this, John smiled at Michael with so much satisfaction and excitement as they were having a talk about a joke in a pub.


Michael stood there staring at John for what appeared to him an eternity, thinking about all the possibilities and acknowledging John’s illness and sadism.
After a long minute Michael finally gave up and controlled his anger, seeing that any harsh movement at that moment would be a poor decision. He should head back and think of a plan to rescue his loved one.
“Alright. I’m getting off now but don’t think this is a finished business.” said him as he turned and head to the door.

As Michael was leaving John called him. “Hey Michael! Just one more thing,” “What is it now?” John replied. “You’re wrong. It is a finished business.” Them he walked to the secret door and unlocked it.
“I’ve changed my mind. This is such a messy and ugly thing. We should put an end to all this right now!” As he finished talking, John moved back to his tables, took a seat and lowered the gun. “Go and get’er. I don’t care anymore. You are forgiven. Ger her and leave now.”


Michael has so much things going on in his head right now he became dizzy. This whole thing was so confusing that he couldn’t even believe it was all about to be over.
In a automatic impulse, Michael runned to the little door and opened it so fast that it took a while for him to realize what was inside of it.

It was a little dark room but there was enough light in the main room to make what was inside of it visible to Michael.
There was parts of a human body sitting all over the place, on the top of the forniture. All of them very well conserved and trimmed. In the very center of the room, Bella’s head was looking at him.

Michael simply couldn’t believe in what he was seeing. It was extremely shocking. He never thought that John would be capable of a such grotesque attitude. He was frozen. He felt as all the world was falling apart. Suddenly he realized he was crying but he didn’t felt it coming. A little nauseous feeling took him off, and he felt like fainting.

As he turned back with all his anger, to avenge the life of his beloved, the only thing he could feel was the taste of blood in him mouth. He’s been shot but everything was so intense and so fast he couldn’t ever feel it. The last thing he saw was a laughing John having so much fun watching his ruin as a kid who watches a cartoon.
After Michael felt in the ground bleeding, his blood touching his beloved head, John phoned his secretary to clean up the mess.
John was laughing so hard and having such a nice time, he lighted a cuban cigar to celebrate that moment.


A few hours later, someone knocked at John’s office door. “Come in.” cried him, with a welcoming and nice voice.
“Hi! My name is Brad.” said a nervous young guy. “I came for the job interview.”
“Oh yes! Alright, Brad. Take a seat them! I guess we’re gonna have a really great time! Do you wanna hear a joke?”


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