A friend showed me this new tune from the fucking ZZ Top dinosaurs and I was just thinking about how these guys were still doing it and reinventing themselves after more than 40 years.

After reading the comments I was surprised with the fact that the were doing a cover from a ‘98 rap song from some fellow countrymen guys.


That was very surprising taking how the lyrics translated very well from a music style to another, which reminds how music it’s not really about who’s the best musician or what is the best, or the most rightful, or noble style, but is about getting the sincere human expression flowing and about having the sensibility to understand it and enjoy it.

It shows that musicians and music lovers are equally willing  to create and appreciate art and beauty.

That somehow made me remember some old cool rap-listening experiences I had when I was younger.

And a kindof similar connection between rap and rock that Linkin Park presented to me.

I was a very ‘rocky’ kid, and one of my first favorite bands was the Linkin Park.

I used to go to the supermarket with my mother and I always asked her to buy records from the bands I like, and it hardly ever happened.

Since one day, when she was in a good mood.. that day unfortunately there wasn’t any copy of Hybrid Theory around, the only album I knew (my neighbour had it), but there was this other one with this awesome cover and funny song names, I couldn’t help to buy it.

When I get home, at first I was a little disappointed, because as a musically raw kid, all I wanted was the same old album from my neighbour playing over and over.

But that was the only thing I had in hands. I had to be happy with that, and time taught to love that album.

Over the years it became ever more pleasing to be than the original one.

Coming back to the main topic, there’s was a lot of rapping going on in that album.

But there was one song that stood out to me.

That was because of a very specific voice that used to make me laugh and I really liked the way the guy used to sing.

The song was Frgt_10.


That guy was Chali 2na, and I just found some gold googling him:


I’ve need been very much into rap (had my good and bad experience, but never something that would make me list it into my top 10 or so) but this tune just aroused in my a new passion for this kind of music.

So they say.. rap is the thing… I say it is when when fucking well done like this guy does!

Awesome combination of very good lyrics, rhythm and some kind of a Brazilian thing going on there, like this guy here noticed and sampled brilliantly:


I just love how music brings you on and out its many variants, waves and possibilities.

How it mix with my memories and surprise me every day bringing back forgotten emotions, feelings and thoughts. And also at the same time, creating new ones.

I just fucking love music.


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