Different Social Guides (for good coexistence)

Jesus: Above all the bullshit inserted by religion inside Jesus message, one can easily find the finest good-neighbour guide. Jesus has the most elegant and well-refined ideas for living in groups/societies.

BREAKER: I acknowledge that societies are deceased, but small groups could still be the ‘one right way’ to live in this planet, assuming that the humanity is a good thing (not a disease or parasite)

Super-sincere: On the other hand, we have the thinking that one should live as nature demands. Not caring about anything others think or do. This at first would remove all masks and social-roles I dress every day and show the ‘true me’.

BREAKER: Primarily it will kill the social network I’ve built until this point throughout my whole life (perhaps including family).

The good explanation for this is that I am freeing myself from fake relationships, people that drag me down, with different philosophies, points of view. Some would even say different levels of knowledge about the world.

At the final result I would find myself living the life that worth living for me, following the path of knowledge and surrounded by people with mutual love and care for each other. A place that worth applying Jesus social rules, or even better: Never needing to use them because I love everything around me so truly that organically, I behave the way Jesus exemplified without using some ‘superior almighty God’ and extra-life recompenses to motivate me.


3 thoughts on “Different Social Guides (for good coexistence)

  1. Also, we sometimes use 2 approaches. In the beginning we mask ourselves to create a kinda incantation with someone and then achieve a goal. It could be getting a job or a woman, for example. One day after you won’t give a fuck for a moment and everything may fuck up (lose the woman, be fired, etc). They might say: ‘it’s because you’ve changed’, but actually not, you’re just being yourself.

    • Exactly! Just a perfect example of how we mask ourselves to live a fake life, contrasting with what we actually want to. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

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