Alien matrix

The matrix tells a story where we are dominated by the machines, but this story could be very easily interpreted with aliens. It’s a very possible scenario, where some superior alien race comes to earth conquer all the humans and drive them into a profound sleep and let them live in a fake reality totally emulated and controlled.

The why to this, should be that the aliens are feed by our emotions, consciousness, cerebral waves… and so, you name it. They could have been using and enjoying our planet – which is a very precious one – while we live in the eternal dream.

The most interesting thing about this dream is that it is a very long lesson of slavery. It’s a hole humanity existence class teaching us how to be good, obedient and grateful servers. The end of the training is the meet between the dream and the reality.

We receive a lot of clues of our fateful future throughout our lives. Nobody is sure if there’s life beyond earth, and there’s a lot of alien myths and people who believe they exist and saw them. But not a single concrete evidence. Is almost like some kind of mystery book where the author gives you some little clues but keeps you wondering until the clarifying ending. It’s seems like we are all part of one of its stories and its all happening in our minds.

We are aware of the evolution of slavery. Our lives are every time more tied in a system with no exit doors. We receive clues of how our future would look like and we are totally used of a style of life extremely dependent on a higher authority. We are slowly getting ready for the final revelation; Day by day, generation by generation, from a god to another, from a conqueror to another…

And it will sound so normal and predictable that nobody will notice the difference between illusion and reality.


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