Alien matrix

The matrix tells a story where we are dominated by the machines, but this story could be very easily interpreted with aliens. It’s a very possible scenario, where some superior alien race comes to earth conquer all the humans and drive them into a profound sleep and let them live in a fake reality totally emulated and controlled.

The why to this, should be that the aliens are feed by our emotions, consciousness, cerebral waves… and so, you name it. They could have been using and enjoying our planet – which is a very precious one – while we live in the eternal dream.

The most interesting thing about this dream is that it is a very long lesson of slavery. It’s a hole humanity existence class teaching us how to be good, obedient and grateful servers. The end of the training is the meet between the dream and the reality.

We receive a lot of clues of our fateful future throughout our lives. Nobody is sure if there’s life beyond earth, and there’s a lot of alien myths and people who believe they exist and saw them. But not a single concrete evidence. Is almost like some kind of mystery book where the author gives you some little clues but keeps you wondering until the clarifying ending. It’s seems like we are all part of one of its stories and its all happening in our minds.

We are aware of the evolution of slavery. Our lives are every time more tied in a system with no exit doors. We receive clues of how our future would look like and we are totally used of a style of life extremely dependent on a higher authority. We are slowly getting ready for the final revelation; Day by day, generation by generation, from a god to another, from a conqueror to another…

And it will sound so normal and predictable that nobody will notice the difference between illusion and reality.


Different Social Guides (for good coexistence)

Jesus: Above all the bullshit inserted by religion inside Jesus message, one can easily find the finest good-neighbour guide. Jesus has the most elegant and well-refined ideas for living in groups/societies.

BREAKER: I acknowledge that societies are deceased, but small groups could still be the ‘one right way’ to live in this planet, assuming that the humanity is a good thing (not a disease or parasite)

Super-sincere: On the other hand, we have the thinking that one should live as nature demands. Not caring about anything others think or do. This at first would remove all masks and social-roles I dress every day and show the ‘true me’.

BREAKER: Primarily it will kill the social network I’ve built until this point throughout my whole life (perhaps including family).

The good explanation for this is that I am freeing myself from fake relationships, people that drag me down, with different philosophies, points of view. Some would even say different levels of knowledge about the world.

At the final result I would find myself living the life that worth living for me, following the path of knowledge and surrounded by people with mutual love and care for each other. A place that worth applying Jesus social rules, or even better: Never needing to use them because I love everything around me so truly that organically, I behave the way Jesus exemplified without using some ‘superior almighty God’ and extra-life recompenses to motivate me.



The zombie stories can tell much about us and our consciousness state them we think of. It’s almost like a reflexion, a scream from our souls claiming for humanity. It’s our nature deeply crying out who we are and how things are today though metaphors.

There are a lot of interpretations we can take from them. One is our wild consumptionist behaviour, almost irrational.

We all communicate thought machines, losing the touch and the original communication. We are losing connection with our body, we can’t understand ourselves, therefore losing the ability to use them a tool of communication. The zombie only use his body in form of communication. Saying always the same thing over and over.

The way we live today, our consciousness is stop or dead, nobody cares about it anymore.

The zombie apocalypse is an allegory to a reconstruction of our lives begging everything from the scratch and this time focusing on the important things developing our spirits. It’s almost like our minds pushing us to leave this state of stagnation and start everything from the beginning.

We live a life without purpose, meaning… we fill that with fake dreams and whatever advertisement tell us to love and seek. That’s our deep mind telling us that everything is wrong and we should destroy everything to reborn.

We are becoming numbers, statistics, we are losing our individuality and our importance. We are only a pack of nobodys, uninteresting, ordinary people. Not famous. Not rich. Not important. Just another one in the crowd. All living the same life, running the same script everyday. Almost like a zombie (see what I did there?). We don’t even relate to each other. No more good friends, no more real love. No more touch. No more eye-to-eye conversations.

We use all our efforts to stand-up from the crowd and be more than just one more; Hence (hence is fancy), we try, every time, being recognized from our exterior body because we are all empty inside.

Some zombie myth also tries to explain how we get to this stage though a materialistically point of view, ignoring any acknowledgment of spirit or conscience. They ignore the absence of religion or belief in our lives as a problem. They gives us vague explanations such as virus or any other science-based cause.